TISDLIP Wall Mountable 15FT/5M 4 Way Extension Lead with 13A Fuse and Safe Door

  • 【Brief】:

    Price: £8.17  *Business Deals in 2 weeks* 32% off*

    • TISDLIP 5M 4 way extension lead: Can achieve power supply in 5M scope and support 4 product simultaneous plug in.
    • BS1363/A simple plug extension: Power Strips is BS1363/A standard product, cable has longer life and greater security. Produce with 13A fuse and blast door.
    • Non-rewirable Molding Plug: Current can smoothly flow in such cable, also help control the heat of extension plug. Please do not cut off the cable.
    • Wall mounted plug: Two keyholes under the back, you can fixed it in wall, desk or anywhere you like.
    • Portable tracking socket: Main board with PC materials, simple and graceful. Small size and 722g weight ease of carrying, outdoor power demand also can be satisfied.
  • 【Series】:Ordinary Extension Lead

TISDLIP New Arrival 5M 4 Way Extension Lead

A medium that connects the power and your gadgets. Power supply can achieved in 5M scope. You can using it to meet outdoor activity, like weeding and vehicle cleaning.

You can own one product that has 5M electric cable; 4 UK plug solt; Wall mounted hole; ASTA Plug; BS1363 standard; 13A fuse; Safe door; 3*1.25mm power line; Max output 3250W, simple and light one.

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