TISDLIP Extension Lead with 3 USB Port Surge Protected Desktop Sockets 2M Red

  • 【Brief】:

     Sale Price: £15.99  *8% Voucher*

    Elegant & Useful TISDLIP Extension Lead with USB Slots: Add colorful anodized aluminum plate to traditional extension lead. Not just an power strips, but a decoration.

    Charging Fast USB Extension Lead: Each port is 2.4A, TOTAL output is 5V 3.1A. The smart ports can feed your gadgets with correct outputs, no damages.

    TISDLIP Extension Lead Surge Protected: Protected your items from power surges and lightning strikes. Fits to using in office, home, lab, restaurant and other places.

    2 in 1 Extension Lead with USB Outlets: 3 way UK sockets and 3 smart USB ports, save your desk space and comfort you with high effective.

    TISDLIP Desktop USB Extension Lead: Take a place in your desk, the double-side tape play this role.

  • 【Series】:Desktop USB Extension Lead

Extension Lead Features:

TISDLIP Extension Lead Covered with Colorful Anodised Aluminium Panel: Adopting advance cover craft to enrich one extension lead. Black/silver/red/blue/gold/rose gold panel one extension plug can decorate your desk and home while replace the 3 way extension lead and one USB charging station. We determine the elegant and helpful feature.

Tips: Panel is non-conductive. Please take the item away from water or wet situation.


TISDLIP Intelligent USB Extension Lead: Total 5V 3.1A outputs design. Each port is 2.4A, the IC devices can smart output the right current to extension the lifespan of USB devices. Available to power bank, laptop, projector screen and mobile phone devices.


Safety TISDLIP BS1363/A Standard USB Extension Lead: The extension lead through pass the test related to BS1363/A, it can be called a safety goods. V0 class fireproof and overheating. Bold 3*1.25mm² cooper cable provide your item 250V 13A 3250W power.


Surge Protected Extension Lead with USB Charging Ports: The 3 way AC sockets can provide your valuable gadgets 2KV 10KA protection in thunderstorm weather. Laptop, camera, physical operator is under protection.


Wall Mounting Extension Lead: Support you fixed it on the wall or other places with two back screws holes. We also provide the double side tape for you as a gift.

TISDLIP extension lead can manage your desk and gadgets better.



---AC sockets: 250V 13A 3250W

---DC outlets: 5V 3.1A. Each2.4A

---Frequency: 50~60Hz

---L*W*H: 10.2*2.3*1.1 In Weight: 446g

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