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Does this UK extension lead have screw slots on the back?

Yes, our USB extension lead is wall mounted. There are screw holes on the back, give customer more flexibility of placement. Also 2 stickers in the box.

What is the maximum output per USB port?

The maximum output of per usb socket is 2.4A , total is 5V 3.1A.

Do you have one with a 3m lead or longer than 2m?

Yes, we have it in 1m, 1.8m, 3m and 5m. The length can be customized.

Does these power strips make any noise or buzzing sound?

There is absolutely no sound.

Can I disassemble the plug to fit through tight gaps?

No, you can not. The usb extensions lead applys non rewirable molding plug, can not be dissembled. You can fix it on the wall or the bottom of a table with the screws or double side tape.

Does the USB port on TISDLIP power strip support fast charging?

The output of this usb extension lead is total 5V 3.1A, each port is 2.4A. It is quite fast,but its not fast charging.

Are your UK power strip CE marked?

Yes, all our UK power strips are CE marked. They comply with the BS1363-2 standard, certified by Intertek.
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