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with USB Ports

LIPWEL Extension Lead With USB Slots, 3 Way Outlets Power Strip with 1.8 Meter Extension Cord For Home Office, 13A 3250W - Dark Grey

Size:26cmx5.8cmx2.7cm, 1.8m cable
High flame resistant fireproof PC Housing, V0 class.
PVC cable, cable core: 3*1.25mm²
Rated power: MAX 3250W, 13A, 250V.
UK non-rewirable plug with fuse, complies with BS1363/A
3 USB charging ports, 5V 3.1A in total, 5V 2.4A for single port.
Children safety shutter, effectively prevent children from inserting their fingers 
Certificate: CE, ROHS, REACH, ASTA.

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    LIPWEL Power Strip with Smart USB Ports

     Surge Protector: built-in surge protector, protect your electrical appliances from being damaged by unstable currents during lightning storms.

    Ø Smart Charging: USB has intelligent identification function, different charging current according to different devices, no need to worry about over charging.

    Ø Indication Light: when the indicator lights up, it means the power strip is under work and it is also under protection.

    Ø BS1363/A standard: LIPWEL power strips are produced under BS1363/A standard, and meet CE certified. 1.25mm² cooper wire, outer diameter
    7.8mm, support 13A current and more safe.

    Ø Convenient to Use: 2 pieces sticker and 2 mounting screws come with the power strip, choose the preference way to put it in the correct place.

    Charge your phones with high efficiency

    LIPWEL USB power strip allow max 13A current pass, can support 3250W rated power.

    Smart 5V 2.4A USB port can charge your phones with high efficiency.

    Smart Identification

    LIPWEL Power Strip Features:

    1. Smart Identification: It can identify your devices, and send right amounts of current that your devices needs.

    2. Lighting protection: There is a bulit-in Surge Protector to protect your devices from lightning and surge damage.

    3. Over current Protection: This power strip can absorb some high current, to protect your devices.

    4. Over voltage protection: Instantaneous high voltage will be block,you can use this power strip with peace in mind.

    Application Scenario

    Living Room

    It`s easy to use LIPWEL power strip with TV set, Bioscope, Speaker, Kindle, Gamepad,etc.



    LIPWEL power strip is reliable to use with Juicer, Cooker, Microwave oven, Bread machine, Kettle, etc.



    Safe to use LIPWEL power strip with Humidifier, heater, Table lamp, Fan, Laptop, etc.



    It`s a good choice to connect LIPWEL power strip with Computer, Printer, Desk fan, Tablet, Phones

    Colorful LIPWEL Power Strip

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