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US Power Cord

Aubiwe 1.5M/4.9Ft Black US Extension Cords, AC 1 to 2 Power Splitter


Type: AC Power Splitter

Female End Type: 5-15R
Plug: fully moulded US plug

Cable material: PVC
Conductor: oxygen-free copper
Color: black
Cable Length:1.5M
Application: Home Appliance

Manufacturer:Dongguan Yinggui Electrical Co., Ltd
Address: 401 Room,No.79 Shenhu Street, Qishi Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, CN,523506
Made in CHINA

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    1.5M Power Splitter-extension 1 socket to 2 in 1.5 length range

    Special Features:

    Black US Electrical Extension Cords , 1.5M Two Sockets

    Pure oxygen-free copper, good conductivity, low resistance, low-loss transmission, stable current, anti-aging, high load capacity.
    Insulating jacket:
    PVC fire retardant, good insulation property, excellent heat resistance, more durable and safe.

    1.5 Cable Length:
    Popular cable length fits to most of home&office.
    Quality protection:
    Mould goods, 100% inspection each batch.
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