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How to maintain the power cord of the washing machine?

Time:2021-07-29 Views:276
In all electrical products, the indispensable little guy is the power cord. Although the power cord is small, the responsibility is heavy. It is not only directly related to the use effect and life of household appliances, but also to the user‘s personal and property safety. Therefore, consumers must not take it lightly in their daily use and maintenance. As the working environment of the washing machine is relatively special, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the power supply, and problems should be dealt with in time.

 The power cord of the washing machine includes two parts: a wire and a power plug. The main maintenance methods are as follows:
1. The position of the power socket of the washing machine from the washing machine should be convenient to pull and plug by hand during normal use, so as to facilitate the operation.

2. When the washing machine is powered off, moved, different or cleaned, the plug must be unplugged, and be careful not to unplug or plug in the plug with wet hands to prevent electric shock accidents.

3. The power cord of the washing machine should not be excessively bent, stretched, twisted or bundled, and do not let any pressure on the power cord at noon to prevent damage to the power cord.

4. Always keep the inserts of the power plug clean. If oxidation or contamination occurs, it should be removed in time so that the plug and socket can maintain good electrical conductivity.

5. When the power cord or power plug is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
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