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USA Power Strip

Aubiwe Multi Plug Power Strips, US 4AC+4USB Switched Extension Lead, Silver Plane


Cable Length: 2M/6.56Ft
Rated power: 1875W
Rated current: 15A
Rated voltage: 125V
USB output: 5V=2.4A each, 5V 4 A total.

Manufacturer:Dongguan Yinggui Electrical Co., Ltd
Address: 401 Room,No.79 Shenhu Street, Qishi Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, CN,523506
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    US Power Strip - 
    Home & Office use


    Product Function:

    ◆ Power Indicator Light
    Suitable light size, soft lighting at night.
    Peaceful and gentle, without any disturbance

    ◆ Grounded Indicator Light
    “GROUNDED” light can detect if the home
    circuit is with earth wire to nip the accident in the bud

    Overload Protection: the switch will turn off if loading is higher than rate power

    Surge Protection / Lightning Protection: protection works when the lightning protection light is on, prevent danger from instant high voltage current.

    Specification: 4*US AC sockets + 4 USB ports 

    Shell material: PC flame retardant material with silver metal blush surface.

    Max rated power: 1875w

    USB outputs: 5V=2.4A each, 5V 4 A total.

    Note: The MAX Power is 15A 125V 1875W. (Total rated power of 4 outlets can not exceed 1875W when using.)

    ★ Confirmed to UL STD.1363 & UL STD.62368-1

    ★ Certificated to CSA STD.C22.2 NO.308 & CSA STD.C22.2 NO.62368-1

    The main plug is 45 degrees of flat socket, easy to management.

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